Corporate culture

Corporate culture


Ancare clinic is a medical chain brand company focusing on medium and high-end mental health services, which is jointly founded by famous domestic mental and psychological experts. Taking "mental health service for hundreds of millions of families" as its corporate mission, anken medical is committed to becoming the preferred brand of mental health service for Chinese people, so that every customer with psychological distress can get psychological treatment with peace of mind.

Ancare means that there is always a person in the world who cares about you silently and understands you. Anken's goal is to become the "person" around every customer and win the trust and affirmation of customers with professionalism and effect.

Hospital resources

Anken medical integrates treatment, diagnosis and rehabilitation. It has three brand departments of psychological consultation, psychotherapy and psychological rehabilitation. It offers comprehensive treatment such as psychological test, psychotherapy, music therapy, biofeedback therapy, transcranial magnetic brain electrical stimulation therapy and group psychotherapy. The Department is gradually equipped with German hesman psychological CT, transcranial magnetic brain stimulation therapeutic instrument and biofeedback therapy Therapeutic instrument, music therapy instrument, polysomnography monitor, portable sleep breathing detector and other equipment and facilities. With psychotherapy as the core, combined with multiple treatment and rehabilitation modes such as drug therapy, physical therapy, work and entertainment therapy, psychotherapy, social return counseling and other multiple treatment and rehabilitation modes, provide patients with physical, mental and integrated natural therapy to help patients reduce their pain, eliminate diseases and improve their quality of life.

Psychological counseling center: the center with psychological counseling as its main service items, star rated environment, elegant and comfortable, which brings together authoritative experts and teachers in the field of medical psychology and mental health to carry out general psychological counseling, mental health counseling and psychotherapy at different ages from children, adolescents to the elderly, and from general psychological counseling (such as reinforce adaptation, marriage, learning) To counseling, intervention and treatment of mental disorders and mental disorders.

In terms of psychological assessment, psychological counseling center can carry out more than 100 kinds of psychological tests (such as intelligence, personality, emotion and behavior, etc.).

In terms of psychotherapy, cognitive and behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, family therapy, hypnosis therapy, crisis intervention and interpersonal psychotherapy are all in the leading position in China.

We insist on taking good curative effect and high-quality service as the core elements, which are completed under the supervision of the authoritative experts in the field of medical psychology and mental health. In the past, the treatment service for the clients is an ideal choice for patients with various personality problems, marriage and family problems, various psychological disorders and mild mental illness.

Psychological rehabilitation center: with psychotherapy as the core, combined with multiple treatment and rehabilitation modes such as drug therapy, physical therapy, work and entertainment therapy, psychotherapy and social return counseling, it provides physical, mental and integrated natural therapy for patients.

Psychological physical examination center: it is a comprehensive physical examination institution integrating various physical and mental medical examinations. In addition to general physical and biochemical examinations, psychological examination and psychological assessment are the key features of the center. The object of medical examination service is not only for patients, but also for all groups of people including healthy people, so as to adapt to the needs of transformation from medical service to medical, preventive and health care service. We should change the health service mode, change the single physical examination pattern in the past, and bring the psychological examination into the modern health examination service mode integrating health examination, health management and medical care.

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